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Lymphatic drainage and regenerative sports massage

  • A pleasant procedure with a beneficial effect on your body and soul.
  • It helps many people with migraines, heavy and swollen legs, varicose veins,
    racing, painful menstruation, cellulite and much more.
  • It massages, firms the skin, flushes toxins from the body, supports the immune system
    and helps in weight loss.

Regenerative/Sports massage - ideal after sports and garden work

  • During training, muscle cells and fibers are damaged, to which the body responds by initiating a recovery process called protein synthesis. Protein synthesis is controlled by anabolic hormones such as testosterone and growth hormone. After recovery and subsequent long-term repetition of exercise, muscles will get stronger and grow. It follows that if a sporter trains hard but does not recover enough, muscle strength and growth will not improve. The recommended recovery time for a stressed muscle is a minimum of 48 hours, but preferably 72 hours.
Lymphatic drainage massage
60 minutes
Manual relaxation of the upper part of the lymphatic system + relaxation with body and soul care in professional therapeutic pants.
Regenerative Sports Machinal Massage
60 minutes
Ideal after sport, for fast muscle recovery and muscle growth support

Skin treatment

Biodynamic care

" assurance of the highest quality and respect for nature "

Care with Austrian, biodynamic cosmetics, awarded the highest degree of quality, the DEMETER certificate.

"With these products, you always know where they come from, when and under what conditions they were harvested and even who specifically harvested them.
The cosmetics are mostly made from the products of the grapevine and surrounding crops. "

The Nikolaihof wine family comes from the Wachau, the sunny Danube region where the ancient Romans already established their best vineyards 2,000 years ago.
High-quality products have been produced here for centuries from quality sources and with love for nature.
For more than 40 years, the Nikolaihof winery has been one of the world's first wineries,
identified with the anthroposophical philosophy of Dr. Rudolf Steiner.

With the Demeter certificate, we meet the most stringent conditions in biodynamics worldwide and are proud to claim our place among the pioneers in quality and sustainability. At Nikolaihof, the family sees biodynamic agriculture not as a way of production, but as a holistic way of life that is reflected in all areas of our being. The highest principle is to put as much energy and strength as possible into farming. This is also because they interfere minimally with the natural processes of nature.

Diagnosis and skin treatment with Die Nikolai biodynamic cosmetics and massage of the face, décolleté and neck
Make-up removal and deep cleansing of the skin, Face and décolleté massage. Application of face mask, lip treatment. Application of facial and eye serum including a short massage of the eye area. Application of a final face cream.
Skin care treatments and lessons for CHILDREN UNDER 12
Skin care treatments and lessons with the most gentle cosmetics on the market. Children can prevent acne skin problems, especially in adolescence, with the right daily routine. Lack of care at this sensitive age, can cause permanent scarring.


Paraffins are part of skin rehabilitation treatment.
Paraffin wraps have a beneficial effect on the deepest layers of the skin.
They increase the blood circulation in the treated area, the temperature opens the pores and the skin of the hands absorbs nutrients faster.

Paraffin wraps have a beneficial effect on the body and soul.

Přehráním videa souhlasíte se zásadami ochrany osobních údajů YouTube.

Zjistit vícePovolit video
Paraffin of the hands
35 €
40 min.
Hand paraffin with pealing and massage
Group of 3 people
99 €
40 min.
Hand paraffin with pealing and a delicious drink FREE
Paraffin for back/knees....
35 €
40 min.
Suitable in the treatment of arthrosis to increase tissue metabolism. The effect is heat - the vascular capillaries dilate and the metabolism in the tissues increases. Suitable in the treatment of arthrosis of small hand joints, treatment of increased tension in the skin (hyperalgesic skin zones), treatment of Heberden's and Bouchard's nodes accompanying osteoarthritis (deformational thickening of small hand joints).


"Why can the gut microbiome
for my mental and physical state?"

" The state of the microbiome in the gut has an impact on the human brain, metabolism and cancer risk, according to experts. It is influenced by diet, the environment and the drugs used, especially antibiotics. "

Does it bother you?

  • Are bowel movements a common problem for you?
  • Do you have weakened immunity?
  • Do you have problems with bloating?
  • Do you suffer from food intolerance?
  • Do you have bowel problems?
  • Do you suspect or have increased permeability of the intestinal wall?
  • Do you have psychological problems?
  • Do you suffer from candida?
  • Are you dealing with skin problems?
  • Are you suffering from musculoskeletal difficulties?
  • Do you want to have a good healthy quality of life and increase the likelihood of living to a ripe old age?
  • Are you wondering how to improve your digestion?
  • How to improve nutrient absorption?

"After personal experience, I found Harmonelo's products to be the best. We have been using it for several years with the whole family."
With registration 33% cheaper and next to that 3+1 free.
For me a clear and proven choice.

Inappropriate probiotics
you're throwing money in the trash and you're not helping yourself

  • If you shop for probiotics in mainstream pharmacy chains, you are not assured of choosing the right probiotics for you.


  • Therefore, for probiotics to work best you need to have the widest possible spectrum of strains, but also the nutrition for them. Everyone needs a certain range of strains to help different processes in the body. If you are taking probiotics that are low in them, you may not get exactly the strains you need.

  • In addition, it is important that probiotics always contain prebiotics - their important nutrition. Without them, you can fill in the blanks nicely with your food, but probiotics get hungry after a while and start eating on their own.

  • There are probiotics with admixtures - extracts, or fermented natural supplements, it's good to know who they are suitable for.

  • Some cancer patients should be cautious with their choice of probiotics.


PRODUCTS FOR BEAUTY AND HEALTH according to the recipes of Traditional Chinese Medicine


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Photography and makeup

Party face painting

Mobile art workshop

Art courses - LIVE

Portraits on order

Photography & make-up

Family photo shoot
390 €
1,5 - 2 hrs.
** 15 high-resolution retouched photos Family portraiture or record a family event. ** each additional photo 10 € Extend your shoot time and get more photos. It is also possible to buy more photos from the previews afterwards. ** It is possible to add the services of a make-up artist, price approx. 99 €. ** Included in the price is transport around Halle Belgium, Prague, Mělník, Roudnice nad Labem, Brno, Zlín. ** Everything else will be fine-tuned according to individual agreement
Brand photo shoot
390 €
1,5 - 2 hrs.
** 15 high-resolution retouched photos Need to combine interior and exterior? Do you want photos of, for example, how you work and portraits in nature at the same time? Or in the studio and outdoors? Extend your shooting time and get more photos. It is also possible to buy more photos from the previews afterwards. ** each additional 10 € ** Make-up artist services can be added, price approx. 99 € ** transport Included in the price is transport around Halle Belgium, Prague, Mělník, Roudnice nad Labem, Brno, Zlín. ** Everything else can be fine-tuned according to individual agreement - Other destinations over 30 Km I charge extra 1€ / km


Making Christmas decorations or cards in the studio in Halle
20 €
Price per person, minimum number of participants 5. Come and make original ornaments and cards with semi-finished model plywood and
ONLINE course: drawing basics
29 €
"It doesn't matter if you were born with a pencil in your hand and have artistic genes, what matters is the desire to draw and to try. " Instructor Kačka will guide you, She'll tell you the tricks of the trade and encourage you 🙂 What do you get ? 3 lessons that will stay with you You can play these whenever you need them for revision. Individual consultations - new perspectives on your work and direction. A final live consultation - you will hear an overall summary of your efforts. We can discuss possible entry into art school or creative employment. Your diploma will be emailed to you.

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Articles and my favorite videos about drug-free health

Which may indicate a polluted lym. system?

  • Experiencing disorders
  • Frequent headaches
  • Overweight
  • Chronic fatigue, exhaustion, bad mood
  • Leg pain, heavy legs, swelling
  • Skin diseases, cellulite
  • Arthritis - inflammation of the joints
  • Painful menstruation
  • Broom veins
  • Insomnia, frequent night waking
  • Common respiratory diseases
  • Unexplained health problems

What is

lymphatic system?

    Attend regularly 2 - 4 times a week for a month. Then once a week for the following month and then just 1 time per month.
  • Adequate fluid intake
    pure water, mineral water or herbal teas (detoxifying mixtures, green tea, but you can also pour hot water over nettles picked on a spring walk)
  • Nuts and seeds
    Eat raw, unsalted seeds and nuts, the fatty acids will be appreciated by your lymph, plus we know from our own experience that they drive away the craving for chocolate :-). These include walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts, macadamia nuts, Brazil nuts, flaxseeds, sunflower and pumpkin seeds.
  • Brush yourself
    Use a dry, natural brush on your skin before showering. Brush your dry skin in circular motions upwards from your legs to your torso and from your toes to your chest. Work in the same direction as your lymph flows - towards your heart.
  • Alternate hot and cold showers
    Try alternating hot and cold showers for a few minutes. The heat dilates the blood vessels and the cold causes them to shrink. Avoid this type of lymphatic distention if you have a worse heart or blood pressure, or if you are pregnant.

How to regenerate

lymphatic system?

The lymphatic system is an integral part of the immune system.
It is a unique cleansing system that removes harmful substances from the body,
that are produced by the body's function, as well as those that enter the body from the external environment through air and food. Since this system is the main factor in the body's defences, it is a decisive factor in all the diseases of our time.

The lymphatic system consists of lymphatic vessels and highly specialized lymphoid organs and tissues. Especially the thymus, spleen, tonsils and bone marrow. The lymphatic (lymphatic) circulation is very similar to the blood circulation. The larger lymphatic vessels are similar to veins, lymphatic capillaries are scattered throughout the body, the smallest ones run along the arteries and veins.

How the gut microbiome affects mental state

  • The brain and the gut are connected by the vagus nerve, which is the longest nerve in the body and connects the brain to many important organs throughout the body.


  • Recent research has confirmed that the composition of the gut microbiome of individuals suffering from mental illness is different from the microbiome in the gut of healthy individuals.


  • Other studies have since shown that certain types of bacteria actually have a profound effect on the human psyche, and their absence in the gut can lead to depression, anxiety, concentration and memory problems. Their absence can even be a stimulus for the development of schizophrenic disorders or even autism. In contrast to genetic predispositions, the composition of the gut microbiota can be influenced, which is positive news for patients suffering from neuropsychiatric diseases. This alternative hypothesis could confirm the absolutely crucial role of the gut microbiota in the pathophysiology of many disorders, such as the aforementioned schizophrenia, autism, anxiety and depression.

How to choose the right probiotics?

  1. Be aware of the specific reasons you want to use them.
    Although personally I think they are suitable for everyone except probably Zen masters and Aisman :-)).
    For example: antibiotic treatment, inflammation in the body, digestive problems, psychic problems..


  2. If it is possible for you to keep them in the fridge, or you travel a lot and need them stored and with you. Or on the other hand, you don't like to swallow pills.


  3. You're a cancer patient.

Find out how your microbiome is doing and what it needs

  • Did you know you can already get probiotics "bred just for you"?
    It's a simple, easy and discreet solution.Although personally I think they are suitable for everyone except probably Zen masters and Aisman :-))


  • Although personally I think they are suitable for everyone except probably Zen masters and Aisman :-))
    After a short time, you will receive a report on a detailed analysis of your gut microbiome and what is recommended for your diet or overall lifestyle.

Tailor-made probiotics

According to the results of the analyses, they will prepare an individual probiotic treatment costomized to you.

  • If you want to be 100% sure that you are adding exactly the pro and prebiotics you need to your gut microbiome, then customized probiotics are right for you.


  • Taking them is very easy, painless and the transport of the packets is discreet.

  • After a short time, you will receive a report of a detailed analysis of your gut microbiome, including dietary recommendations or overall lifestyle management.