The book BIO is the second volume of Dušan Swalens's book series called Macrophotography.

Title: BIO
Volume: II
Author: Dušan Swalens
Format: 32x23,5cm
Pages: 96
Year: 2013
ISBN: 978-90-820-2940-6
Sales price: 29,90 €

The second volume of photographs is inspired - as its name BIO suggests - by nature or, more precisely, by botany. Dušan Swalens provides here a view of plants - their flowers, fruit, leaves, stalks, tubers and roots - in an original way. The photographs were taken in botanical gardens in Great Britain, Ireland, Germany, Austria, France, Belgium, Italy, Lithuania, the Netherlands, the Czech and Slovak Republic, as well as in the author's unique collection of cactuses and succulent plants and outdoors in nature. The publication is on the book market since 2013 and will be accompanied by autograph sessions and exhibition projects. The accompanying texts by Kateřina Pešatová are published in English, French, German, Russian, Italian, Dutch, Czech and Chinese. The photographs reveal an astonishingly delicate aesthetic of flora worldwide.

Since the 1990s, Dušan Swalens has been experimenting with macrophotography and with inciting the public to take a creative look at photography. During 20 years of work, he has created several collections of photographs which he has decided to present successively not only at expositions, but also in books. Based on the author's convictions in life, his publications also reach out to the public welfare.

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