Double One Photo Gallery, Brussels, Belgium, 2013


01-25 / 09 / 2013

Galerie du Roi 11, 1000 Brussels, Belgium

Photo - opening: Matěj Karásek, Radoš Horák, Kateřina Pešatová, Dušan Swalens

Dear friends, let me welcome you at the exhibition macro photography art by Dusan Swalens. And please, let me introduce Mr. Dusan Swalens and his artistic world with a short speech.

When introducing and observing art production, the critics and the art theoreticians use a rather uncommon language full of symbolic meanings, feelings and spirituality. I know this secret language of art science in Czech, because my mother tongue is the Czech language. But I’m not a member of the English speaking secret artistic club. For that you are a lucky audience. My speech will be short, its language unsophisticated and I apologize to all of you, who expected more.


All of you have some experience with photography. We know that photography helps us to find memories, remember smiles, the weather, moments that we never want to lose, beauty, nature, also danger, catastrophe, and collision in our lives.

Mr. Dusan Polasek has also had these experiences as a young man living in Zlin, in the eastern part of the Czech Republic. But he desired to describe by means of photography his own visual world and he has willingly learned the technical basics from the masters of cartoons and puppets filmmakers in Zlin.

He found his potential the moment when he met Mr. Bohuslav Ruzicka, macro photographer.


The next fateful encounter was the contact between Dusan and Kristel Swalens, young lady-teacher of English. They have been married for nearly 20 years and they bring up four children nearby Brussels. And I hope, that a fateful moment was also Dusan´s decision to develop the contact with me – My name is Katerina Pesatova and we have been friends since childhood.


Dusan Swalens focused his mind on the target to create a fantastic, inspiring and provocative macro world. You can see the success now. There is the world that motivates the brain of the  audience to link pictures to standard objects, but also to seek different pictures, which come to your mind when observing the photos for a longer time.


I have had the unique opportunity to follow Dusan Swalens´ artistic and photographic progress from the beginning. Together we have created some exhibitions of the magic macro-photography world by Dusan Swalens, and together we especially created the plan to present the macro-photography collection to the audience, to you. The plan is based on developing  your fantasy. Over there you can see the books from the planned book cycle. The book called The Elements shows the four natural elements that are the basics of the vivid world. The book called BIO shows the natural vivid world and the third book from the cycle will show inanimate nature. If you want to develop and enrich your fantasy, please, enjoy the exhibition, take all the time you need and let your mind dive underneath the reality, underneath the everyday life, to find the magic of fantasy.

If you fall in love with some picture, you can carry the picture home immediately. If you are interested in the magic fantasy macro-photo world, please take the book, take your time, feel free while turning the pages, to turn it upside down.  And please share your feelings with the autor Dusan Swalens on the web, or in the visitors book.

We are happy, that you have come. Enjoy the exhibition, enjoy the fantasy, please regard the exhibition opened.


Kateřina Pešatová,

Brussels - Belgium

3rd September 2013



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