Siemens CZ, Prague, Czech Republic 2012


01/08 - 10/09/2012

Czech Republic, Prague, Siemens street nr. 2

 Dušan Swalen´ s life goal is to inspire a wide audience and fill them with enthusiasm for active perception of macro photography. For his first successful project "The Elements", Dušan chose, with the author of the accompanying texts – Kateřina Pešatová, four sets of photos from his collection that highlight the basic elements recognized by nearly all  natural philosophies as the foundation of the world: earth, fire, water and air.

For the upcoming second series of photographs called "BIO", Dušan found inspiration in nature, specifically in botany. Dušan Swalens mediates the view of plants in an original display - their flowers, fruits, leaves, stems, tubers and roots. Photos set in important botanical gardens in Europe, as well as in the wild.

At the exhibition, which was supported by the Siemens company, you can see the majority of the "Elements" project and an excerpt of the "BIO" project.

The "BIO" project will appear in book form in 2013, and the publication will also be accompanied by a separate exhibition project. "BIO," like the project "Elements," focuses on the participation of the viewer. For the interpretation of photographs, it is more important what you see and sense, rather than what you look at or face. You will see flora from around the world in unexpected contexts.




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